Wide Bay Nuclear Medicine (WBNM) uses the latest technologies available to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Dedicated Cardiac Gamma Camera
WBNM installed one of the first dedicated cardiac cameras in Australia in 2004, the IS2 Pulse™ - compact digital dual-head gamma camera.

SPECT/CT camera
WBNM installed a GE Infinia™ Hawkeye® 4 (
Hawkeye) in Bundaberg in 2006 and in Hervey Bay in 2007.

In 2014 Hawkeye still represents the latest in SPECT/CT technology, free from any of the limits of combining SPECT and CT seen in other cameras. It provides us with high-resolution scans for the most accurate diagnoses possible with a lower patient dose, because we understand that patient care cannot be compromised.

The following picture shows a series of images* taken by WBNM’s Hawkeye:

  • The top row of images shows the low-dose CT scans in the coronal, sagittal and transverse planes.
  • The middle row shows the corresponding nuclear SPECT images.
  • The bottom row shows the fused SPECT/CT display.

The image series clearly demonstrates that the patient's back pain was due to active facet joint arthritis, which WBNM’s Hawkeye accurately localised in the right side of the fifth lumbar vertebra. These precise images enabled WBNM to target specific treatment to the exact site.

The image quality shown above has been reduced to allow the images to load quicker on the internet. The scans available to WBNM are of considerably higher resolution.